Biophysics Dentistry

Dear students!

Final grades will be formed on the basis of current academic performance. In the case of NB for lectures or practical classes, the student can not receive passing of subject.

Urgently review your performance in the e-journal and correct the NB (if you have them).

Deadline - 10-00 June 09.

Sincerely, Fomenko O., PhD

During the quarantine, you are offered distance learning.

The tasks to obtain marks have three components: MCQ tasks, calculation tasks and questions to provide a detailed answer.

If done correctly:

- MCQ tasks only – mark 3;

- MCQ tasks as well as given correct answers to 2 questions and 1 problems solved – mark 4 (if the students have the same answers to the questions, they will not be counted);

- MCQ tasks as well as given correct answers to 2 questions and 2 problems solved – mark 5.

Take photos of your written answers and send them by 8.00 am on Friday 05/06/2020 to the following e-mail address

In the subject line of the letter, the student notes the full name, faculty, group number and subject number in the following format:



AAAA - name of the Faculty in Latin (IІ_int)

BBBB - Group

CCCC - Topic No.

DDDD - student name

If the student needs to receive consultations in remote mode, he must send a letter with the subject "ZAPYT".

Video of the lectures you can find in the folder